AED map

WARNING: AED locations provided here should be considered merely as informative. This is not intended and not suitable for searching an AED in case of heart attack.

AED map contains all AED devices currently avaiblable devices in our database. Navigation is possible via navigation panel in the upper left field of the map. Using left mouse click, you can move around the map. To use this map, you need to enable cookies in your browser. By clicking individual AED device, the details about that AED are shown. Enlarge map Fullscreen (GEOPEDIA)

On the location of an AED, there is usually a person nearby (receptionist, security gaurd etc.), who will ask you why you need an AED and will also accompany you to the location of emergency – the AED needs to be returned to the owner after it has been used. The rescuer must explain to the person nearby, that he or she will use an AED to attempt resuscitation of a victim that does not respond and does not breathe spontaneusly!